Colour Ref. Oak 203

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15mm Engineered Technical Details

Bottom 2mm Spruce
Core 9mm Pine
Wear Layer 4mm
Moisture content 6%-7%


Hand finished oilwaxed floors will look better the more you maintain them. The wood will continue to absorb the natural oils and waxes and the finish to the floor will become harder wearing. Have a look at the oiled wood floor at Copenhagen airport which was installed in the 1970’s. It still looks stunning today.


Freshly applied hardwax oil takes 10 days to cure completely so try not to spill water or drag furniture along the floor during this period.


  • Wipe with a damp mop or cloth using a diluted natural soap for oiled wood floors.
  • Work on one area at a time, rinsing the mop or cloth regularly and making sure it is well rung out each time to avoid getting the floor too wet


  • Simple and economical regular maintenance allows fast treatment of the wood in order to renew the protective layer of waxoil and keep the floor looking warm and natural.
  • Make sure that the wooden floor is clean and dust free before spraying the floor with waxed and oiled wood floor maintenance oil and wipe with a clean dry cotton cloth to obtain a matt finish.
  • Every year you should refresh the finish with a maintenance oil which can be purchased from Galacroft, or many other quality suppliers of oil waxes.

The more you maintain the floor, the easier the maintenance becomes.


  • A good quality doormat placed at the entrance to the room will retain dust and grit.
  • Your wood floor needs the right environment. Ideally a room should be between 18 and 22’C and around 40-60% relative air humidity.
  • Wipe up any water or other liquid spillages immediately.
  • Wooden floors that are finished with Lacquers or UV Oils cannot be maintained. You can clean them by sweeping, vacuuming and mopping with a damp mop as you would for any hardwood floor but the surface finish cannot be replenished. Lacquered and UV Oiled floor finishes will deteriorate over the years to the point where the floor will need to be sanded and refinished. These types of finishes are more suitable for the domestic market.