Galacroft is part of a group of companies specialising in the supply and installation of quality professional hardwood flooring products. Most of our work has traditionally been through architects, designers, contractors and specifiers and mainly on commercial projects. However, we are now delighted to be able to offer you a range of hand finished floors all at incredibly low prices.

Most of the products you see offered are all European made and are off exceptionally high quality in terms of construction and finishing. Our hand finishing is designed for heavy commercial applications (Please see our technical section for specifications) We also produce a huge range of products that are not available on this web site, but please feel free to call if you have a specific enquiry.

Galacroft have also supplied and installed some of the largest hardwood flooring projects in the UK, including 25,000 sq mtrs of oak plank at Canary Riverside in London, as well as a whole host of commercial projects throughout the country. Our experience in the installation of wood flooring is vast.

We always recommend that you call us before selecting your new floor and speak to one of our in house experts. That way we can be sure you’re buying the right product for your project.

Finally, if you have any issues whatsoever with our products or service, please feel free to call me direct.


Alan Fox

Managing Director