Grading rules can be very confusing when buying hardwood flooring. For this reason we like to keep it as simple as possible. The best way to do this is to describe the grading to you and to support this description with photographs showing you exactly what it is you are buying.


Rustic grade is characterised by different cuts of oak and will include both flat cut and quarter cut oak. Rustic grade may have some colour variation within the boards as well as colour variation from board to board. Rustic oak will contain knots up to a maximum diameter of 35mm. All knots will either be filled with wood filler or sometimes repaired with wood and wood filler. Apart from this there will also be other sound, healthy knots that require no filling and pin knots up to 5mm in diameter.

Prime Grade

Prime grade is characterised by a mixture of both flat cut oak and quarter cut oak. Prime grade oak will have little or sometimes no no colour variation within each board as well as from board to board. Prime grade oak may have knots with a diameter up to 5mm there will maximum of 2/3 of these knots per board. Prime grade oak may also contain some pin knots but will not contain cats paw groupings. Apart from this prime grade has no knots. Knots where necessary will be repaired and filled.