Why You Should Have Your Floor Expertly Fitted?

Buying a wooden floor is a major investment, and it represents a huge part of your design creation. Having your floor fitted correctly is critical to the longevity of your floor, and to the success of your project whether it’s in your home or commercial premises.

The first steps for a successful installation begins on site survey. It is absolutely imperative that your sub floor moisture content level is checked using a hygrometer before the installation. If there is any moisture content detectable in your sub floor then you must not fit the floor. It will fail and will result in the installation of a new floor. All our fitter carry hygrometers and will not fit your floor if they detect moisture.

Sub floors must be flat and level before you commence. If the sub floor is not level you will compromise the installation and you almost certainly be unhappy with the result. British standards require us to only fit floors where the sub floor level is within plus or minus 3mm over a two–metre span.. This does not mean that your floor has to be perfect, but it does mean that it has to be level enough to execute a professional installation.

Floor fitting is not necessarily a carpenters job. A floor fitter is trained in how to lay out your floor in a proper manner, and advise you on what can, and cant be done, in order to protect the integrity of your floor.

Its all in the finishing detail. If your floor is not fitted correctly, it will never look like it was part of the original design. It should look smooth and seamless, and this requires a great level of training and expertise.

Galacroft Floors have a long history of not only supplying quality floors, but also of installing them. We are experts in hardwood flooring because we also fit them using our own trusted installers, and the feedback we get from them is critical to our business, and to which floors we buy and from which factory. We have been installing floors for over 25 years and we have gained invaluable first hand experience when it comes to installation.

We want you to enjoy your floor, and if you’ve purchased a wax oil finished floor, you can look forward to a lifetime of enjoyment, but only if it’s cared for and fitted professionaly.